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Modular building system

Modular building system

Lifestylehouse introduces MBS Modular Building System

The LSH modular building system allows turnkey homes to be completed in record time, without sacrificing quality or engineering perfection.

The system is designed with scalability in mind and is ideal for both individuals looking to own the perfect modern home as well as developers and other real estate professionals looking to build multi-unit developments.

The core to the success of Lifestylehouse is a combination of advanced engineering techniques, materials and systems together with an attention to detail and harmony at the design stage that work together to create contemporary villas that are both aesthetically beautiful and perfectly engineered.


By using MBS, Lifestylehouse’s proprietary modular building system, and creating a meticulously planned blueprint for the complete villa prior to construction, the entire home, together with its fittings and fixtures, are manufactured in advance.

The benefits of constructing a modern design villa with the Lifestylehouse modular building system are endless, as the entire building kit can be delivered anywhere in the world by sea container, and ready for assembly on-site.

The entire wall structure consists of lightweight steel reinforced blocks that are easy to transport and fast to install. This provides substantial costs savings, as an entire villa can be completed, turnkey, within 7 to 10 months. These savings are passed onto the owner allowing the use of higher quality materials for the same end cost.


Furthermore, the system allows for modern design villas to be constructed with exceptional structural integrity, whilst at the same time allowing for greater creativity at the design and planning stage in line with contemporary design requirements.

Sustainability is also a core feature. A Lifestylehouse modern villa is engineered to use resources in the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way, both during the construction phase as well as for the long-term durability and longevity of the finished construction.

From a client satisfaction point of view, Ton van den Bosch likes to point out that “the entire home is pre-engineered prior to construction so that we at Lifestylehouse are able to provide the owner with a complete blueprint for his home before delivery, listing in detail the exact specifications of the house as well as comprehensive building plans.”

In fact the entire project is presented to the owner in the form of a book. This ensures that there is absolutely no margin for error when it comes to building the home – the owner can have complete confidence that every detail that he or she has requested is planned for.

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